Pool Inspections


S&R Pool & Spa offers pool inspections that inform you about the condition of the swimming pool you are purchasing just as a home inspection informs you about the house you are purchasing. Most home inspectors are not qualified to evaluate your swimming pool because it requires training on pool construction, filtration, hydraulics and the law requirements for protection and safety of the community. We have extensive experience performing hundreds of pool inspections since 1992. Our comprehensive inspection reports leave nothing uncovered or hidden. We offer a basic inspection and a more detailed deluxe inspection. Both inspections can be performed year round with the exception of some extreme weather conditions.

Everything is inspected on the swimming pool right down to the vacuum equipment. The filter, pump, motor, chlorinator, any auto vac, walls, tile or liner, skimmers, surface, diving board, slide, ladders , rails, decking and lighting just to mention some.. It’s rated very simply Good condition, Fair condition or Poor condition. If there is a problem with anything on the swimming pool it is all stated on the inspection report. On a separate document,  your given the cost of any repair if any repairs are needed or recommended.

This inspection  includes everything in the basic inspection plus pressure testing the underground lines that carry water to and from the filter. There is no way to know if the lines are not leaking unless they are plugged,  pressurized,  and tested.
Under some plumbing conditions the deluxe inspection cannot be performed, so the basic inspection will be performed and billed accordingly.
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A zone charge may apply.

Year-Round Inspections