Expert Pool Inspections

Discover peace of mind with S&R Pool & Spa’s pool inspection services. Just as a home inspection assesses the condition of a property, our pool inspections provide invaluable insights into the swimming pool you’re considering purchasing. Unlike most home inspectors, we specialize in pool evaluation, with expertise in construction, filtration, hydraulics, and safety regulations.

With over three decades of experience and hundreds of inspections since 1992, trust us to leave no stone unturned. Choose from our basic or deluxe inspection options, available year-round, barring extreme weather conditions. Ensure your investment’s safety and quality with S&R Pool & Spa’s thorough inspection report.

Pool Inspection services

Basic Pool Inspection

Discover peace of mind with our Basic Inspection service, where every aspect of your swimming pool is meticulously assessed, including vacuum equipment, filter, pump, motor, chlorinator, auto vac, walls, tile or liner, skimmers, surface, diving board, slide, ladders, rails, decking, and lighting, among others.

Each component is rated as Good, Fair, or Poor condition, with detailed findings documented in the inspection report. Additionally, any necessary or recommended repairs are outlined in a separate document along with associated costs. Trust our thorough inspection process to ensure the optimal condition of your pool.

For pricing details and inquiries Call 908-526-2277.

Deluxe Pool Inspections

Elevate your peace of mind with our Deluxe Inspection service, which encompasses all aspects of the Basic Inspection while also featuring pressure testing of underground water lines connecting to and from the filter. This crucial step ensures the detection of any hidden leaks that may compromise your pool’s integrity. In instances where plumbing conditions prohibit the Deluxe Inspection, we seamlessly transition to the Basic Inspection, billed accordingly. Please note that a zone charge may apply.

For pricing details and inquiries Call 908-526-2277.