Concrete Pool Resurface

Concrete pool resurface insert
S&R Pool & Spa has a wide variety of pool finishes to choose from. We can help you find the finish that best fits your needs and budget. All S&R finishes are prepared with a high bonding cement called a bond coat. This is to assure the new finish adheres to the old surface correctly for many trouble free years of swimming.
White Plaster is a mixture of white aggregate and white portland. The proper formulation gives you a lasting surface that sparkles when the sun hits it. The key to any successful resurfacing is the preparation and proper maintenance. Proper preparation of the surface will reward you with many years of enjoyment. Proper maintenance requires proper
chemical balance.

Colored Plaster is a mixture of white aggregate, white portland and the color you select. Colored plaster adds appeal to your surface even that that cloudy day.
Diamond Brite is an exposed aggregate finish. With its use of insoluble quartz and expose aggregate it is completely insoluble. Diamond Brite’s state of the art polymer modification of cement’s increase hardness, improves bonding , reduces water penetration and resists chemical attacks by harsh aggressive pool chemistry. Diamond Brite gives you a wide variety of colors to choose from so it is easy to coordinate a color scheme of your backyard. Diamond Brite finishes are formulated to give your pool surface a unique multi-colored appearance that is only enhanced by the sunlight. Diamond Brite’s accent colors will not fade, rust or rub off like other traditional colored surfaces.

Hydrazzo is a tumbled clear quartz crystal finish. Hydrazzo is the smoothest luxurious pool surface available. It combines natural tumbled clear quartz crystals, colored marble white portland cement and a variety of performance enhancing ingredients to create the ultimate pool surface. The secret to Hydrazzo is the polishing of the surface. Polishing the surface reveals the beautiful luster and exposes the natural beauty of the marble. The silky smooth texture with the proven durability equals timeless beauty and easy maintenance. Hydrazzo’s color selections are endless.

Pebble Tec is a durable pebble aggregate finish created from pebbles around the world. Some Pebble Tec finishes contain seashells such as abalone and mother of pearl. Pebble Tec is a high stain resistant finish that lights up when the sunlight hit the surface. Pebble Tec is a nonslip surface and will give many years of a low maintenance finish. Pebble Tec is the surface of choice when you are looking for a durable natural appearance finish. Pebble Tec is available in 18 attractive color selections.