Vinyl Liner Replacement


Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

S&R Pool & Spa has the best fitting liners in the business and we feel all liner replacements are not created equal. A liner replacement is your opportunity to inspect and repair many items that cannot be attended to while a pool is filled. We pride ourselves on our 12 point liner replacement inspection. We inspect the 12 items that can only be inspected while the pool is empty. With every S&R liner replacement you will receive a copy of our exclusive 12 point inspection report.

All S&R liners are measured in detail by a liner professional and designed with a state of the art CAD computer system. Our liners are all made from 100% virgin vinyl, formulated and treated for extra ultraviolet protection. Our vinyl is all computer cut and welded to avoid smaller and bad seams. Our liners are available in a wide range of beautiful patterns to choose from. Our liners are available in our standard thickness of 20 mil that carries a 15 year warranty and 27 mil thickness that carries a 20 year warranty. All our liners are treated for U.V. and anti bacterial protection . We offer a tex- step material for vinyl covered steps to prevent slipping. Aqua max is specifically formulated to provide the ultimate protection against sunlight and harsh chemicals. Aqua -max also contains twice the amount of anti- fungal and anti-bacterial protection.
LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! Any liner ordered before May 1 will receive a FREE spring assembly. A FREE chemical analysis and equipment inspection is also available when the water is treated and balanced. (chemicals required for balancing are additional.)

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