Are you concerned about your pool this winter?

The predictability of winter weather has become increasingly uncertain, giving rise to concerns among pool owners. Warmer autumn months can lead to the rapid dissipation of winter chemicals, unlike previous years. Rainy and snowy winters can cause pools to experience a more significant increase in water levels than ever before. Additionally, the warmer spring months can foster the growth of algae.

Furthermore, we’ve noticed a growing number of customers who have recently had their pool plaster completed or replaced, often still in the curing phase when it’s time to close the pool. Consequently, there is a heightened need for vigilant pool maintenance during the months of closure compared to previous years. In light of these challenges, we are pleased to introduce our Winter Watch Program (WWP). Please see the details below for more information.

Pool Winter Watch Program service

What’s Included in WWP (Winter Watch Program):

Our Winter Watch Program (WWP) comprises the following services:

  • Adding liquid chlorine and/or algaecide as required to maintain water quality.
  • Continuous monitoring of water levels with adjustments as necessary.
  • Assessment of cover pump functionality, including hoses and cords.
  • Inspection of the pool cover, anchors, straps, springs, and water bags, with replacements made if necessary.
  • Examination for any signs of rodents in the heater.
  • Basic visual inspection of equipment for any issues or concerns.
  • Monitoring ph levels as elevated pH levels can cause scaling on the pool walls. Low pH levels can cause pitting of the plaster.
  • Basic visual inspection of equipment for any issues or concerns, add also inspect valves to make sure they have not failed allowing water into the lines.


The frequency of our visits is entirely customizable to your preferences. Each visit is priced at $125, plus any required parts. If an excessive amount of chemicals is needed, additional costs may apply. Depending on your pool’s specific needs, we may recommend either one or two visits per month. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office to determine the frequency that suits your requirements. It’s important to note that once the pool water freezes, service will be temporarily suspended and resumed when conditions allow.

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